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Is there a French forum? I'd be more comfortable for me, if not, it's okay.

Well, I loaded your software 'cause I read several topics concerning the problem I had (that I could not update my malwarebytes anymore) and I read the message ( in french though) after have already analyzed and erased the stuff I thought were bad, but in the text, they say if you're not sure ask someone before erase, but I didn't know that, and I erased a few stuff 'cause it was written "tué" in it, it means "killed" (I think it was the exact status as we can see on a picture of this article >  it was "TUÉ [TermProc]"), so I thought it was really a virus or something, it was also written "windows" in it and "app" (not sure it had "app" in all of the titles, but I'm almost sure it had "tué" in all of them), it's all I can remember, so is it okay? I didn't erased anything important or risky? Yep, I'm worrying now, but I hope it's fine, if it could have been important files, what problems should I meet right now? Or will I meet? And is there really risks? If so, which one's? Which files would be risky, thanks to let me know!

I didn't erased the green stuff tough, 'cause when the mouse was on it, it was written "it's okay" stuff like that, but I erased the other stuff that was saying "it's possible it's bad etc" (that were in another stuff, it had several stuff where sometimes it was empty, and where sometimes it had stuff in it, only two were concerned I think).

Thank you for your answers!

Ps : If really I did something wrong, can I fix this? Well, I'm surely over-worrying, but I'm like this. By the way, since I erased the few files, it's working, I can update my antimalware and reload the software from the place I went before, 'cause I couldn't get to the ultimate page to load it anymore, the page I usually reload the software when it bugs for the updates, but now, it's working again, so it was 'cause of these files? And I suppose they were not important anyway since it had "app" in the results' names, so it was from my ios (ipad) datas? Did I lost it? Was it better to erased it anyway? And what it was actually? Are my antivirus (bitdefender) and Malwarebytes not enough?) Thank you! (and sorry for all my questions)
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