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RogueKiller / Re: ===> False Positives <===
« on: June 04, 2017, 08:46:56 pm »
Hi, today i downloaded last version of RK, x64, and it found 7 MalPE. Are these FP? or i'm really infected?

RogueKiller / Re: Translations!
« on: March 01, 2017, 02:11:21 am »
Official translator? maybe yes, but tellme... what exactly means to be official translator?, what dutys i will have? and what i get in exchange? I can translate every new version you release, but i can't do it for free. You promised a Free Lifetime license reward for this full translation that i already have done (and i hope to get), but if i go on doing all the translations for your software, i will need something more than a license... Tell me more about this, we can come to an agreement.

RogueKiller / Re: Translations!
« on: February 24, 2017, 01:30:49 pm »
Hi!. Here is a full translation for spanish language. It's a spanish (Spain), or you can call it Spanish (International), or translated Espaņol (Espaņa), o Espaņol (Internacional). I downloaded the template 3-4 days ago so i supose its updated, and it's for the last version. I have tried to do my best, hope it's enough good for you.

 I have put optionals translations in the coments of the translation file, in case you need it, but i put what i think its the best in the main translation, so probabily you won't need it. The only one that i think you will want to change is under the General Settings, the "Web Server:" On/Off. Cause the translation is Endendido/Apagado, but i think there is no enough space for it, so i suggest to change it for a  Si/No  (Yes/No), it fit and it will be understood what it means, but its your decision. The "Ok" has been translated as "Aceptar" (Accept), cause its the usual translation, and Ok its not a spanish word, but if you need it, you can leave the "ok's", everyone knows what it means.

I think the translation its good, but when you send me the Premium Lifetime License i could see much better if everything is fine, i only have the Free version now, so there are things that i can't see at the moment.
If you need something, you can contact me by email, but i will watch those days if you reply me here too.

A last thing... i found a little bug in the software. When you start a scan, if you pause it, and cancel, finish, and then starts a new scan, the button is saying "resume" as if it were still in pause.

RogueKiller / Re: ===> False Positives <===
« on: February 20, 2017, 11:01:27 am »
Hello, i have RK version and it has found in "mbamservice.exe" a threat, is a FP? or i am really infected?. This is exactly what it says:
[Adw.Elex|PUP.Divcom] mbamservice.exe(1788) -- C:\Programas Instalados\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\mbamservice.exe[7] -> Encontrado

I have Malwarebytes but not the v.3, but the I attach the report.
Both PUM.DNS, are changes made by me. There are some Suspicious, the two "mfe_rr.sys" are the antirootkit from McAfee (i think, i used it), and the two "HWiNFO64A" i think that are from the HWInfo32 program to watch temperature sensors and voltages."esihdrv" im not sure but i think it can be the EsetSysInspector, and "ALSysIO" don't have any idea of what it can be... I'm writin' all this just to see if it helps you.

Really infected or just a False Positive?

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