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Been using Ucheck since it first released. I am so far impressed by the accuracy and the inclusion of some more niche software there are a few additions that can be made. In the future it would be great if there was an option to put in a request straight from the software, possibly with a link that could auto create an entry, but in the meantime the forums seem to be responsive.
-Audacity ( (

-Bitwarden ( (

-FreeFileSync ( (

-IsoBuster ( (

-PowerISO x64 ( (
                x32   (|zzm4jdejew59/PowerISO7.exe)

-TunnelBear ( (website not working for me?)

-ResilioSync x64 ( (
                   x32 (

A few of these do have auto-update alerts, but adding it to batch installs would be great. Thank you!

Hi Kygies,

Welcome to Adlice forum.
Thanks for your feedback. I will look at the software you suggested and include them, if possible.

Unfortunately, we cannot automate the process of software inclusion because software installers are all different. Sometimes, it's not possible to add a certain software because there is no direct download link, or the installer does not support unattended install, and so on.

I will keep you updated.


Hello, I have taken the liberty of adding links to the direct downloads of the software I could find. I don't know if they are permanent, but it might help find them anyhow.

Hi Kygies,

Thanks for the links.

With the exception of Audacity (javascript-protected download) and TunnelBear (installer incompatible with batch installs), the software you proposed where successfully added to UCheck database.
They will be added to the software itself in a few days.


Hi, thank you for the additions. Audacity doesn't update often and frankly Tunnelbear isn't a great VPN (but it has a free 500mbs every month 😅). I'll be sure to have a look at them soon.


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