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Your download link to get LibrOffice Help Pack is actually a link to the full LibreOffice ver There is no help pack for this version, you are expected to continue to use the previous version help pack. This error has continued for about 2 weeks.

4/5/19 This may be a UCheck bug. Let's try a repost !
Problem: UCheck scans and indicates LibreOffice Help pack is available, however the download is actually for the basic LibreOffice Suit.
The cause is either your scanning app or some iD in the Office suit code.
Please investigate and resolve as this has been ongoing since last December.

Hi jmcgrat5,

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This is likely a false positive. Please do a scan, go to the "Installed" tab, then filter by "libreoffice" keyword and do a screenshot of the results. Could you please attach this screenshot with your next reply ?


Hi jmcgrat5,

Could you please update UCheck to its latest version and follow the instructions stated in my previous post ?



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