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October 12, 2014, 09:55:01 am


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hey tigzy  :) thanks for the great work that you are doing with "roguekiller"..

recently, in one of the threads in the forum, some people attached some "DOC" files to their posts.. i opened the "DOC" files and now i am worried that my computer is infected with malware (though no malware has been detected on my computer).. here is a link to the thread:

notice that some of the posts have "DOC" files attached..

the reason that i am concerned, after opening the DOC files, is because i had just read two articles where "DOC" files were used to infect people's computers with malware.. here is one of them:

how slick would it be for a "hacker" to come into the forum and post malicious DOC files?

i don't think you should allow "DOC" files to be attached to posts in the forum.. maybe only "TXT" files and "JPG" files should be allowed to be attached to posts in the forum? there is no need for DOC files to be used, for attachments to posts in the forum..

the first person who posted a DOC file was posting a "screenshot".. why the person used MS "word" to create an image of their screenshot, i don't know (unless the DOC file was being used for malicious purposes).. they could have used "irfanview" or MS "paint", instead..

in the second case, where a DOC file was attached to a post, i don't know.. they call it a "screenshot" but, when i opened it with "google doc viewer", it looked like gibberish, to me..

DOC files are commonly used to (slyly) infect people's computers with malware and they should not be allowed to be attached to posts in the forum..

i have never seen "DOC" files being used as attachments to posts in any other forums..

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Re: Paranoid
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2014, 11:30:40 am »
Those word files are only screenshots, no problem with them :)
They are provided by OPs, so I'm pretty sure they are not malware writers :)

To have a .doc infected, it must be specially crafted to do so.
I totally agree that JPGs are enough to provide screenshots, however sometimes people don't know how to attach something else than a word document, even for reports... That's tough to put limits on people not comfortable with all computing tools in a forum supposed to help them.