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RogueKiller / RK failed
« on: February 22, 2015, 10:34:49 am »

First, sorry for my English, I don't use this language each day... (Is it possible to speak french in this forum ?)
(I use this forum for the first time).

I have problems with RogueKiller (RK). Each time I use RK, I have the following message (in French):
In "Processus" :
Statut (Status)        Détection       Id      Nom (Name)   Chemin d'accès (Access)
Tué(e) [TermProc]   Proc.svchost  4232 svchost.exe    C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe

RK says that is a malware and has to be killed.
But, the same malware is again here if i use RK a second time just after the first one.

Id is always different (4232, 3484, 3580... and so on) and the "Status" is sometimes "Tué(e) [TermThr]".

Today, RK has stopped in Prescan function at "Vérification de services : MpKsl0f2d6165" (80% analysis).
Impossible to stop RK. I have to reboot PC.

Have you some responses to give me ?
Thank you.


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