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RogueKiller / Re: How to defend against hackers ?!!
« on: October 01, 2015, 07:30:20 pm »
I don't have dual boot configuration. I have Windows 8.1 and XP on two separate hard drives and Windows 7 on VAIO.

My parents, neighbours and relatives are devils. Their aim is to tease and hack me to death and steal my property.

Everything in it means any passwords, websites or anything.
Thankfully Quick Heal anti virus caught a malware sent by my devil relatives. The malware name was Grideon which is a password recovery app that they installed it remotely to hack my passwords.  I teased them back and they can't digest my word when I said the word Grideon. XP is vulnerable but still I use it because if I use 8.1 then they will crash it on and on. Reinstalling XP updates requires less time than 8.1. I will learn hacking defense then I use 8.1.
All these devils have physical access to my PC when I am not at home as my parents are also against me. They also stole my shoes and phone. By politics they removed me from my job.
Even some police are with them and they also teased me when I went to inform it.  I am totally alone. I play or learn hacking defense all day.
They threaten me that they can remove me from any job  if I try again as they removed me from 2 jobs.

RogueKiller / How to defend against hackers ?!!
« on: September 23, 2015, 09:45:59 am »
How do I defend against hackers ?

I have changed my default router password with letters and numbers with no meaningful words. I have installed Zemana anti keylogger free edition.
I usually use Bitdefender free edition and I am now using Quick Heal Total trial. I have Comodo firewall. I use HTTPS which most say it can't be hacked.
Windows updates are up to date. I scanned with Rogue Killer in both Windows 8.1 and XP and it found IAT hooks in both of them.

Despite all these thing in my PC, my devil relatives and neighbors were able to hack my passwords and everything in it. They say they can attack and bypass any antivirus or password.

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