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PUM.Proxy Malware Keeps Coming Back


I have cleared the malware with RogueKiller but it keeps returning and adding a proxy connection to my chrome browser.

The attached image shows the details of the malware.

Any help with this would appreciated.

Hi jagtrader,

Welcome to Forum.
This proxy is not necessary malicious. We need to check this manually.

Please follow the following process :
1) Launch the command prompt windows (cmd) with admin rights and copy/paste the following command :

--- Code: ---netstat -aobn > "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\netstat.txt"
--- End code ---
Do not close the command prompt !
2) A new file named netstat.txt should has been created on your desktop. Please attach it with your next reply.


Thanks for your help. See attached netstat report.

Hi jagtrader,

According to the Netstat log, the port number 8865 is not in use anymore.
Could you please do a new scan with RogueKiller and attach the scan log with your next reply ?



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