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Using Diag and wanting to remove a PUP


I just installed and ran Diag.
I want to remove a PUP it found.
under heading "deletion", the instructions say "The deletion is triggered by clicking on the Remove button."
I attach a screen print.
I looked on the left hand side of a PUP to see if there is a box that I can click on.
I also looked on the right hand side.
I also tried left clicking on it.
I also tried double clicking on it.
I also tried right clicking on it.
Where is the Remove button?

Hi misterbean,

Welcome to Forum.
For the time being, Dia is not able to remove items from past reports (History section). Please do a new scan and you will then be able to remove the items you want (Scan section).


Note : This thread has been moved to the "Diag" section for clarity.

Many thanks.
I was able to delete the PUP using the procedure you described.
Problem solved.

Hi misterbean,

You are very welcome.
Thanks for your feedback.



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