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Hello :)

EDIT: 12/28/2016
Current complete translations are: EN, FR, TU, PO, IT, CN, DE. All others are YET TO BE DONE! :)

EDIT: 10/01/2015
If you wish to be notified on new version of translations (thus that need an update), please subscribe to the Translators mailing list:

EDIT: 07/03/2016
We are now offering FREE LIFETIME licenses for our translators, because we know the amount of work it's needed for the new version (12). This only works for past translators, and for a full translation (If you update an existing file that won't work).

EDIT: 03/13/2017
Due to a refactoring, some translations are now moved into a "Common" folder, and some "Installer" folder has been added. Common translations are shared across several projects, and installer translations are only used into the installation wizard. They are all needed, so please make sure you translate everything

EDIT: 03/13/2017
Installer translations have a different format, but it's easy:
MyStringToTranslate=This is the actual string that you need to replace

We need translators !

Actually, we already have several languages available, but due to many updates and improvements, those translations are outdated.
If you willing to help and you are bilingual, please help use to improve those translations.

The files needed are available here:

- .ts files are the translations themselves.
- QTLinguist is the program needed to update the files
- .iss files are files for the installer, they need to be edited with Notepad++ (or any notepad)

Dropbox tries to open them as audio file. First, toggle the list view instead, that's better to see the file names. You have to click on the file, then when it says "cannot read the audio file", click on download. Put it on the desktop if you want.

Here's the way to translate .ts files:

1.If you didn't find your language, and you want to start a new one
- Pick the lang_template.ts file
- Rename it as lang_<your_language>.ts
- Download and extract QTLinguist
- Open the .ts file with it
- "Edit" menu, "Translation file settings" => Select your language in Target language and validate.

2.If you want to update an existing translation
- Pick the lang_<your_language>.ts file
- Download and extract QTLinguist
- Open the .ts file with it

3.Common part
- Use the "Go next unfinished" button to go to first item
- Translate it
- Use the "Mark as finished" button to validate the translation and go to next item
- Redo that until everything is translated and save

(See attached image)

- Please try to make the sentences (if any) the shortest as possible
- Submit your translation on the forum, in this thread :)

If you want more information about QTLinguist, here's the official documentation:

Here's the way to translate .iss files:

1.If you didn't find your language, and you want to start a new one
- Pick the en.iss file
- Rename it as <your_language>.iss
- Open the .ts file with any notepad (Notepad++ for example)
- Translate the part that is the RIGHT of the equal sign (Ex: some_key=Hello => some_key=Bonjour), leave the key untouched.


I almost forgot about the translation lol.

Anyway, I would like to know, before finish mine's, some things. There are some lines on to translate which contains language (probably HTML). This is normal and how should I handle this?

I'll send printscreens of what I am talking about.

Yes, this is wanted.
Maybe this can be changed in the future for easier translation...  :-X
So... basically, just translate the text inside the HTML (aka keep the formatting and so on)

<html>some text in english</html>
<html>some text in another language</html>

Well, here it is. The brazilian portuguese translation.

I asked the previous question just to be sure. Although some of the lines were URLs and there's no way to "translate them. lol

Still on this, you'll notice some terms are the same. Some of them are really equals in portuguese, but other terms are equal because the translation of them literally would case confusion instead of simplify things.

I hope it's good!

Thanks Ediel :)
Can you please take a look at the shared folder, I've added your file and updated it with latest source. I think the file you took was pretty old...
This is not a big deal, since you just need to add the new translations, the ones you did are still in there.


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