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Hello :)

I'm very pleased to announce that version 9 of RogueKiller is finally in public beta stage! Yay!  8)
It took about 2 months+ to redo everything from scratch. From your point of view, it will not change a lot because we tried to redo the same software with (under the hood) a very strong and reliable architecture, easier to maintain and more powerful against malware.

So the UI is pretty much the same, we just did a few cosmetic changes to differentiate from the version 8.
Here's the logbook of the devs, which explains what exactly has changed:

Please, download it, test it, but keep in mind it's still in beta. Though most of the bugs were fixed during the alpha stage, some may remain.
We are waiting for your feedback, tell us what's good, what's wrong, and provide as much information as possible (if you encounter a crash, please provide a full dump).

Please provide feedback on that thread, or if you won't register to the forum, use the contact form.

Download it here (that's a temporary link, don't rely on it):

Known issues (to be completed):

* Command line not implemented yet
Current dev changelog:

V9.0.0 beta 2 05/23/2014
- Fixed a bug in MBR log
- Fixed a bug in Service log
- Fixed a bug in log (RTL characters removed, ZeroAccess)
- Replaced SUSP PATH label by Suspicious.Path
- Removed Chrome.exe IAT/EAT scan
- Fixed 3 bugs in IEAT/EAT display (process is displayed / legit entries are hidden / fixed size of function in console display)
- Now suspicious services registry keys are not prechecked (to avoid confusion with true malware)
- Disabled Forged files removal (except if contains malware signature), due to some false positives
- Fixed a bug in Registry subkey removal (ZeroAccess)
- Fixed a bug in File replacement (added ACL copy before replace, Zekos)
- Fixed a bug in ListView sorting (was too slow)
- Added detections

V9.0.0 beta 1 05/22/2014
- Added crash handler window
- Reports are now translated
- Added missing translations
- Added hover event for Facebook / Paypal links
- Added fancy Facebook button
- Replaced old icons by high res icons
- Added detections
- Fixed a bug in ComManager

V9.0.0 alpha5 05/21/2014
- Brand new high res icon! (thanks nfn678 from
- Now sending statistics to webserver database
- PUM color detection is now Dark Gray
- Added web browser scan
- Added stop button (during scan only)

V9.0.0 alpha4 05/20/2014
- Added context menu select/unselect all
- replaced old MBR display by a listview
- added MBR scan
- fixed carriage return bug in reports
- fixed bad driver decryption
- added Hooks scanner

V9.0.0 alpha3 05/19/2014
- Fixed a bug when exiting with file menu
- Added hosts fix button (hosts tab)
- Fixed window names bug (massive false positive)
- Added true version number comparison for version checker
- Fixed elided text bug
- Added report footer
- Now general progressbar is used as progression
- Now displays fine progression
- Added file scanner

V9.0.0 alpha2 05/16/2014
- Fixed a crash in Yara scanner on some processes
- Fixed a bug in Hidden processes detection
- Fixed a bug in report module, prescan results were removed from reports
- Fixed display bug (wrong X64 display in title)
- Fixed crash handler, now crash dumps will be located in %ProgramData%/RogueKiller/Debug
- Fixed display bug. After removal, status of items was not updated.
- Added Hosts file support
- Added Hosts file line removal
- Removed Proxy, DNS and Shortcut buttons/tabs

V9.0.0 alpha1 05/14/2014
- Rewritten engine from scratch ( RKSdk V1 )
- Moved to Yara scanner
- Fixed a lot of bugs


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