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Hey there,
would it be possible to run ucheckcmd portable premium under the system account?
So i can update my computers with RMM......


In theory, it should be possible, UcheckCMD Portable not being tied to any Windows account.

However, I strongly advise you to test it before (on a VM, for exemple), because a lot of software write files in the %APPDATA% directory of the user account logged in at the moment of the installation.
Since it's not really an account like the others, SYSTEM has not such a directory so there is no way to tell how the installers will behave.

i did test it already before posting this. The output says that the update was succesfull, but when I check again the programs are not updated, they still have the previous versions . Tested with VLC and inkscape


Which RMM are you using ?
I've asked your main developer to take a look at your thread. He will answer you as soon as possible.



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