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Good morning all,

I'm having some issues with Rogue Killer Technician Rebranding.

Some questions I have are:

1.) How do I change the logo for rebrand?
2.) How do I change the name of the program for rebrand? Instead of saying RogueKiller, it'll say something else.
3.) How do I change the "About Us"?
4.) How do I create installations from Technician version?
5.) I tried accessing the documents on Adlice but it says Wordpress has an issue.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Gizmo,

Welcome to forum and thanks for supporting our product.

1) Just put a rebrand.png file in the same folder as RogueKiller.exe. Itís recommended to keep similar dimensions as the original banner.
3) It's currently not possible.
4) and 5) The website is now working, sorry about that. Here is the related documentation : RogueKiller Technicien - PORTABLE CONFIG.



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