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Malware removal help / Browser Hijacker I can't get rid of
« on: January 28, 2017, 02:31:11 am »
Is there any way to get RogueKiller to scan external drives?  I believe I have a redirect/hijack virus on an external drive but nothing can find it, started out with a mellowsurvey ad in Chrome & it comes up in Firefox too now.  I have reinstalled Windows 7 prof, and it came back; then I reformatted then reinstalled Windows 7 prof and it came back again, but it didn't come back until I hooked up my external drives.  The only malware program that could find anything on my computer was RogueKiller, so I bought it.  But now it says my computer is clean, but I'm still getting redirects, and they are getting more obnoxious.  I need the photos off those 2 drives, and don't know how to do that without copying the virus also.  Thoughts?  Suggestions please? 

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