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Samples not appearing on dashboard after uploading



I have my MRF installation set up (correctly I think) following the video tutorial.

However, when I upload a file for analysis it does not appear on my dashboard page. I also have VirusTotal and Hybrid-Analysis enabled with my API keys but when I check my accounts there is no record of the file on them either.

I have attached the apache error log file, the last few entries were me attempting to upload the files. It seems to say that the permissions of localstorage.php and upload.php are incorrect. Currently, the owner/group is set to ubuntu:ubuntu which is the main user account, the same as the majority of files in the /var/www/html directory. Should this be changed to something else? I've also included a screenshot of the file permissions in the html directory for reference.

Also I'm using Ubuntu 16.04

Any help is greatly appreciated

Thanks for reaching to us.
I see you have opened a support ticket too, please let's continue there instead.


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