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Windows Updates search on Windows 10 Creators Update does not update drivers.



When selecting the drivers/Windows Updates and clicking the "search Windows Update" link, the Windows Update application runs but never returns any results.

Is this a problem with Windows Update from Microsoft's side or are the flagged updates in UCheck not always compatible?

Thank you, aside from the few little things this is a really useful application.  ;)

On Windows 10, Windows doesn't show all the updates.
This is strange, we don't know why, but some updates are "hidden" for some reason by the Windows Update.

Are they showing as Optional?


Windows 10 updates have been significantly 'dumbed down' by Microsoft and the 'show\hide' updates options are revealed by a separate program: wushowhide.diagcab

Also, there is no control to select 'optional updates' in the Windows 10 update. There is a checkbox in advanced setting for 'Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update windows', which is supposed to have the same functionality according to Microsoft.

I have downloaded and run the show/hide executable and have no hidden updates and have checked the checkbox for other products.

I still don't seem to get those updates.

I copied and pasted the names into the Microsoft Updates Catalog website search and have been able to download those particular updates (which were all in .cab format and not .msu).

Thanks for the tip, we will investigate using that :)


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