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Title: Before to post in this section/Avant de poster dans cette section
Post by: Tigzy on July 28, 2014, 11:54:13 am
Please read this carefully before to post in this section for an issue.  ;)

1/ Please read the tutorial (
You'll find many information about what can be considered as suspicious, legit, information about detection colors, etc...

2/ Please read the FAQ (,7.0.html)
Commonly asked questions.

3/ Please read the Known issues (
Bugs already known. No need to ask again we are working on them.

If after that you still need to report something, or ask some help, please read the following.

========== If you need help

- Please provide enough information. The minimum is a text report. You can have one by clicking on "report" after a scan/removal in RogueKiller. If you missed it, reports are stored in %programdata%/RogueKiller/logs.

- You can provide screenshots as well.

- Please don't encapsulate images into docx files, or zip, or whatever. It takes time to open, and not very convenient to use.

- Please don't provide screenshot to show something that could be explained with the report (like a false positive). A report is better because we can copy/paste the detection instead or rewrite it (and avoid mistakes by doing so...).

- Please don't host images on websites, use the attachements instead (we don't wanna wait 30+ seconds to open each file).

========== If you report a bug/crash

- In case of a BSoD: Attach minidump (can be found after the reboot in C:/Windows/minidumps)
- In case of RogueKiller crash. Usually, after restarting the application, it's prompted to upload the crash dump. If you did it, nothing more to report. If you didn't, please open a thread a describe where it crashes. If you know how to use procdump, please provide a dump with it.