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UCheck / Inaccurate results for two PuTTY-related programs
« on: March 18, 2018, 04:24:39 am »
    U-Check (Free) 64 bits

Displayed entries:
    PuTTY Session manager[32 bits]
    Company: David Riseley (url:
    Version: -> 0.70 (8 July 2017)

    PuTTY Command Sender 1.8.1[32 bits] (770 KB)
    Company: Millard Software (url:
    Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\PuTTYCS\
    Version: -> 0.70 (8 July 2017)

    Entries for both PuTTY Command Sender (version 1.8.1, URL = and PuTTY Session Manager (version, URL = incorrectly display version, release date, and URL information for PuTTY (version 0.70, URL = instead of the programs themselves.

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