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Hi I started using MFT before a few days and I think this is a really wonderful tool.
But I have a problem and if you can help will be very cool!
When I click on the PE Data tab of the uploaded sample, the message "Unable to load data." is appear. It is the same with a doc or pdf file - when I click this tab the error message is appeared.

Maybe something is not set correctly, but I`am not sure what is it!
Would you help me?!

Hi plamentenev,

Welcome to Forum.
Could you please attach Apache logfile (last lines) in your next reply ?


Thanks for quick response!
This message was find in the var/logs/apache2/error.log:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/var/www/html/mrf/src/modules/pefile/", line 2, in <module>
    import os, sys, pefile, json, base64, struct, binascii, time, unicodedata, re
  File "/var/www/html/mrf/src/modules/pefile/", line 26, in <module>
    from past.builtins import cmp, long
ImportError: No module named past.builtins

In the access.log there is nothing strange.

Hi plamentenev,

Could you please install the Future package and test if it solves the issue ?

--- Code: ---pip install future
--- End code ---


I did it. Now the message i different: PE Exception: "No module named pyasn1.codec.ber" - but this is for PE samples only.
For doc and pdf files the error is: "Unable to load data."

PS: Which version of Python is recommended for use with MRF tool. I use 2.7.6 right now.

Best regards.


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