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Shuts off at disk scan


Just purchased Rouge Killer and while running it, it crashes when it starts the disk scan. Can't do a screen shot as it closes the program

Hi thmitch79,

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Could you please follow the 2.1 process described in the following thread : ==> Crash/Hang/Block, please come here <== ?


BS! I paid for a program to work "out of the box", it doesn't. I shouldn't have to go to "" and download and upload to Google and then you'll see what's wrong.
Program doesn't work, I will NOT recommend it and consider it my loss but a lesson learned.

All programs have bugs, especially since all machines are different.
We are here to get information in order to fix the bugs, so that more and more machines are working "out of the box".

To me it sounds like a HDD incompatibility.
Have you uploaded crash report when the software asked for?
If not, please do so and we will analyse it.

Also, can you tell me what manufacturer your HDD are?

EDIT: As a workaround, you can uncheck "MBR scan" in (scan) settings.



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