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RK running super slow & freezing


RK Anti-Malware Premium ((Ver:, 64 Bit, 20211102_094554)
Windows 10 Pro (21H1, 64 Bit  Ver: 19043.1288)
Avast Premium Security (Ver: 21.8.2487) (build 21.8.6586.697)
Avast SecureLine VPN (Ver: 5.5.4982)
Avast Cleanup Premium (Ver: 21.3) (build 10846)
CCleaner Free (Ver: 5.86.9258, 64 Bit)
Running on a HP EliteDesk 800 G1 Tower, Core I7, 16GB Ram, 480GB SSD

RK runs very slowly and freezes (Not Responding) message frequently. Crashes sometimes since last update. Worked well before.

Hi metrotps,

Welcome to Forum.
Were you prompted to update a crash dump to our servers ?


Thanks for the reply.
Sorry I do not recall seeing a prompt to do so.


Download ProcDump (x64) on your desktop.
Launch the command prompt windows (cmd) with admin rights and copy/paste the following command :

--- Code: ---"%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\procdump64.exe" -e -h -ma -accepteula -w RogueKiller64.exe "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\RogueKiller.dmp"
--- End code ---
Do not close the command prompt !

Please then launch RogueKiller and start a new scan.
When RogueKiller hangs or crash, a new file named RogueKiller.dmp will been created on your desktop. Please zip it, upload it on Google Drive/Dropbox and share the link here.



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