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While I most certainly applaud the frequent updates to RogueKiller, I am not really pleased that, as a user, apart from shutting off auto updates, I can not find a way to exercise control over WHEN RogueKiller updates itself.  As it stands now, RogueKiller notifies me that there is an update, and then it just starts updating itself with no further notice or options, no matter what else I am doing on the computer, which is inconvenient.

Is there something that I overlooked that I can configure?  If not, is it possible to have the option to "Update Now" or "Update Later" at a time convenient for me?

Thank you for your attention to this request/suggestion.

Have a great weekend.


Hi Phill,

Thanks for your feedback.
There is indeed no configuration for this behaviour. We will look into this and hopefully find a way to add more flexibility into the update process.

Have a great weekend, too.


Thank you for your reply and for looking into this issue.

Have a great day.


Hi Phil,

You are welcome.
Have a nice day, too.


Hi Phil, Curson.
@Curson I'm sorry to tell you are wrong, there is a setting :) in "General Settings", "Automatic Updates" => Turn it off.
@Phil, Just to be clear the update checker works as follow:

- At startup, checks if outdated. If so, notifies user.
- Based on last update check, the internal scheduler triggers a new verification (every 6 hours I think I remember). If there's a new update, and if the "Automatic update" setting is turned on, then it  starts updating immediately. If that setting is off, it fires a new notification.


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