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General Discussion / The free version is EXTREMELY INTRUSIVE
« on: January 29, 2019, 04:29:58 pm »
Hi, I can't complain a whole lot about a free product, but the free version of RogueKiller is getting ANNOYING.  First of all, it is flashing too many NAG SCREENS on the lower right side of my screen, about a FREE 30 day trial of the PREMIUM package.  I go to the website there is NO SUCH OFFER.  WTF?
 Next, the program crashed and now it keeps asking me to email crash dumps which take FOREVER to compress and mail so I will not do it.  Next, this program obviously installs with start-up hooks at boot time, at which time it puts up a NAG screen.  I did not ask it do do this, nor is there a way to turn this off.  I do not want ANY such antiviral process running in memory continuously, without my consent.  This nice free program is now INTRUSIVE AND ANNOYING and this tells me it will be even MORE INTRUSIVE if I upgrade. 

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