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Hey :)

EDIT (22 Feb, 2017): UCheck V1 has been launched. BETA program is now over and you can buy a Premium version if needed here:

I'm pleased to announce UCheck V0.9 (BETA) is finally live! Yay!

What is UCheck?
UCheck is a software updates manager. As of now, it will replace the old WIGI software, that will be deprecated and removed soon.

To keep it short, you launch the program, start a "scan" and it will tell you what software are outdated.
It also give the ability to install updates in a fast fashion (download, install: 2 buttons).
It also give the ability to install software NOT PRESENT YET, which can be useful in case of a clean, new machine.
And last but not least you can list and uninstall programs present on your machine.

Later we plan to add more features like automatic notifications and persistence in the tray, and why not (if feasible) bulk updates.

Where do I download?
Here: ==> <==

Is it FREE?
YES. Some options will be part of a Premium license later (as of V1) but the essential part of the program (Updates!) will remain free to use for everyone.

Is there a documentation somewhere?
YES, here:==> <==

Bugs? New Features?
If you find a bug, need something you believe can be useful for the program, just TELL US.

How many software do you monitor?
For now, *only* about 40. But it's really easy for us to add more, and we plan to support about 100 soon. Of course we decided to start with the very common and useful software as part of our launch package, like web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera) and most downloaded software (VLC, Itunes, ...). Also, unlike some of our competitors we don't use humans for updates, but an army of bots :) They are fast, reliable... and cheap also (!). Expect to get notified within a day of the new updates.

I hope you will enjoy it :)

Julio CÚsar Soto:
Nice, thanks for your job.

Can you explain why the ccleaner update file is around 19mb? In the official webpage it size is around 6mb (slim version) and 8mb (with toolbars version)?

Thanks on advance. The url:

Hi Julio,

Welcome to Forum and thanks for your feedback.
This is likely a bug. Anyway, starting from next build, UCheck will normally use the Slim installer of CCleaner as source.
Please don't hesistate to reply to this thread if this doesn't correct the issue.



--- Quote from: Cureson on February 07, 2017, 12:43:45 pm ---Hi Julio,

Welcome to the real gaming reviews Forum for your feedback.
This is likely a bug.

--- End quote ---

So it's safe to download?

Hi Newson,

Welcome to Forum.
Yes, the product is out of beta. You can safetly download it.



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