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Title: RogueKiller 11 beta
Post by: Curson on October 01, 2015, 03:33:21 pm

RogueKiller 11 is right behind the door :)
We need you to test it before it replaces the official version (currently 10.X.X).

It's quite critical because the only major change is about the Kernel Driver. We have re-coded all the driver from scratch, following best practices to ensure it's compatible with all operating systems (from Windows XP to Windows 10, 32 and 64 bits) and with all environments.

Why is it critical? Because a bug in the Kernel Driver means Blue Screen Of Death, which is not particularly a good thing. Yeah, that's annoying.
So we need as much tests as possible to ensure no bug is left before it's moved in production.

You will find the binaries here:

What's new?

No big change in the flow, nor in the UI.
The most important occurs while Antirootkit scan => SSDT, Shadow SSDT, IRPs, Filters. IAT scan isn't affected.

I have a BSOD, what do I do?

If you need to answer, please do it here:
Thanks for your help  8)