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I have premium MBAM, MBAE, and Chamelian, They're great programs and have had no problem with them. The same "was" true with Free RogueKiller. I decided to upgrade this morning and it has cost me the entire day. (not to mention 23 bucks) I can't remember being run around in so many circles. Not since the last ISP I fired. Anyway, I'm sure it's because of the transition. In the console, i press the ? and enter registry. I enter my e-mail but when I enter the first digit of the License Key the field turns red. I enter the entire Key  but after that nothing responds. The go button is dead. So, I try to find info or go back and try to came at it again with no luck. I will be grateful for any help.

If one of the field is red it just means the entered information doesn't match the expected pattern.
I think the key you copied contains extra characters before of after, like spaces.

just for your information, the key needs to be EXACTLY that:

Please double check.
We are building a FAQ, this is definitely something that will go there.
Adding an error message in the application couldn't hurt too.


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