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Malware removal help / Unable to resolve malware infection
« on: December 08, 2016, 10:40:54 pm »
I'm certain there's malware on my PC. I'm using both Norton Anti-Virus and MalwareBytes ("MB") for protection. On numerous occasions MalwareBytes blocks outgoing traffic to and, perhaps, one or two other sites. The problem is now of 2-3 weeks duration. When I first observed atypical behavior from my PC I ran a scan with MalwareBytes. MB reported finding PUP. Optional.Scanguard. I got no "hit" when I googled the offending program name and queried MB technical support. After sharing logs and narratively describing my problem MB support reported the problem was likely in my modem. Per their instructions, I reset the modem, but problems persisted. Furthermore, neither the laptop or second PC on the network displayed any unusual behavior nor did my iPhone or my girlfriend's cell.
I tried the standard approach recommended by MB support - Junkware Removal Tool (JRT) then Adware Cleaner (advcleaner) and Hitman. JRT reported deleting multiple Temporary Internet File Folders, AdwCleaner reported finding and cleaning infections of/with "SearchScopes" and "Auslogic" (at different times) and today has been reporting it finds nothing that doesn't belong. I purchased RogueKiller which reports adverse DNS findings in the registry (I took to saving RogueKiller's log on the desktop, so all logs are not available to me).
All the tools I've employed have not resolved the problem - MB continues to block unauthorized outgoing traffic. In desperation I decided to redo the machine - reformat HDD, clean install of Windows 7 and application software. In the process of writing to software companies about what to do to preserve my license authorizations I was encouraged by Adlice Support to post my problem on this board to obtain help clearing my PC of problems. Thank you, in advance, for your response and assistance.

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