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Firstly hello all at Adlice, excellent anti malware software. Great job (genuinely !!!), makes other scanners look a litlle bit, uhum,....

Secondly, after running RogueKiller it has picked up that there is an IAT infection on both my laptop (Win 8) and desktop (Win 7 Pro)PC's. Total NIGHTMARE. Uhm, I have also run Malwarebytes (on both), Avast Free Anti-Virus (on both - finds nothing as it [IAT] has spliced into Explorer), and quite a few other scanners. Originally only 33 spliced hooks were found so I tried running some tools to try and dislodge but I think this was a mistake as, after running, in particular Kaspersky's ViruT tool which had picked up 3 or 4 spliced hooks and removed them, the next scan I performed with RogueKiller revealed it had gone from 33 hooks to 66 (highlighted orange) plus an extra eight or ten that are highlighted in red !

I have read over some of the previous posts in the hope that I could use some of the previous info and have a go at removal myself, but, I am not confident in deleting some .dll files etc and then leaving the machines in a possibly worse state. I have downloaded the latest updates for RoguKiller and Malwarebytes, the latest FarBar scanning tool as I noticed that you have recommended these to be used to produce reports to be posted online for yourselves.

I really hope you can help as, in the case of the desktop Win7 Pro machine the screen flicks on and off intermittently and I had to use AVG boot iso on a USB to help get me into starts fine now but the infection persists.

Can anyone here help please ? I just hope you are not too p'd with seeing IAT:InL requests coming here all the time.

Thanks all in advance
Gareth T.

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