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Malware removal help / Possible Rootkit detected
« on: December 14, 2014, 07:00:26 pm »
Hello there,

First thanks a lot for providing Roguekiller for free, that nice piece of software was recommended through a malware removal help forum ( for PUM.DNS removal.

In a recent case of malware removal, Roguekiller reported possible rootkit. As I'm new to Roguekiller, I'm having difficulties to tell if I'm facing a real rootkit infection or a false positive. I've read that some antivirus components can produce false positive, and indeed Avast is installed on this computer, but I'm still unable to decide based on the FAQ, tutorial, and known issues (reading and knowing is one thing, knowing how to... is another ;-).

The Roguekiller report is accessible here, as well as an FRST report.

Thanks a lot for your help and expertise.

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