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Have some kind of malware ???? Have to reinstall windows often.. If I try to use the repair option on my OEM disc.. Get error that says can not repair that verstion of windows.. That is the disc I used to load..I did a clean install this morning and started haveing problems right away.. So I went to bleeping computer and downloaded combofix to my desktop....Ran program did not seem to find anything so I went to start search and typed combofix /uninstall. It seemed to do its thing then a box said it was uninstalled..Was  haveing a problem with one of my programs trying to find it ran accross a program that said combofix with a computer for an iconWhen I opened it was like opening explorer. So I opened properties and previous got a time line from about 30 minutes earlier opened that got \\$localhost  will send screen shots an.. I ran RougeKillerCMDX64 with scan option and |clip Got this on desktop.. Do not know what all the ? mean and If I start to say everything that is going on with my pc you will really think I am crazy..If you have any Ideas I would really appreciate the help.. In advance THANK-YOU

It's very hard to understand your issue, can you please edit your message and add some formatting?
I mean without dots, comas, and line spacing it's very hard to read, especially for non-english people,

Sounds like a hardware issue/system corruption to me.
What symptoms make you think it's a malware? Before considering malware related issue, ask yourself "where's the money?"
If it only looks buggy/crashy, then it's probably not a malware.


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