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MRF / Re: Help to make mrf useable
« on: November 23, 2017, 05:24:18 pm »
Hello again,
thanks to replay
1- you said "Have you tried to call it directly see if there's an error? It should return something." i set the configuration on "Upload script example" and try to run file like "python" in bash. how can i run it as standalone python program without call it?

2- you said in configure "To use the cron, enable it in the config file. Then register this file in the cron list (donít forget to provide a token with enough rights):

what does mean "donít forget to provide a token with enough rights". could you explain more. should i take this corn php file. in cron.hourly on linux? or call this link "http://localhost/cron.php?token=edfe238e15c964e8a8218cf218e43dc1"

MRF / Re: Help to make mrf useable
« on: November 08, 2017, 07:46:12 pm »
Hello again thanks to replay me. some thins is not clear that i'll mention.

1- i upload error log's that may be usefull for finding error.
2- if you make proxy for virustotal we can query to virustotal with different with some account and then we can have more result. bypass limit for qury 4 file per min
3- please change virustotal query. to check hash not send file to vt. it's very important for me to not send every thing to virustotal.
4- i cant upload file more than 10mb i change php.ini and upload_max_filesize and post_max_size and jquery file size upload nothing correct.
5- i config python upload script example and put it at my honeypot folder that malware saved on it. but when i start the python script nothing happen. and there isn't return me any error. so could you help me to sure that's python script work.


MRF / Help to make mrf useable
« on: October 26, 2017, 04:29:01 pm »

Recently i deploy mrf on ubuntu 16.04 on php 7.01 and facing lot's of problem till i install some additional php package and some of it slove. now i have some problem and question.

Question & Error
1- does crone check virustotal api for find if file is malicious or not? now virustotal api answer 4 file every min and new apiv2. please update it.
2-i have 2 tb malware is there any python script that i can run in malware folder and all malware send to mrf?
3- my page is redirect to ip/index.php not to ip/mrf/index.php which line of config file should i change?
4- when i want to upload big file i face error for php.ini i use ; for maxfilesize but it's not correct. any idea.?
5-when i upload file i face this error "upload results in empty"
6- could you make a time period for download malware sample for example download file from 2017/01/01 to 2017/02/01 and add this functionality to api too.
7- please add socks or http proxy for query from virustotal api.
and there is some question i think may be you should test mrf on ubuntu 16.04 with php 7 and update documentation.

Thanks for attention.

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