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41 detections related to Microsoft Edge,not sure if old or new roguekiller updat

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Hello, so I scan my PC regularly and dont visit dangerous websites (and dont even use microsoft edge, only very very rarely). I updated Roguekiller with new database, I suppose at least, it doesnt say so, but it always updates regularly. During this scan it doesnt show that it has been updated though.
Roguekiller says this about current version: 20211022_080253 (outdated, 20211025_113801). Not sure which one is the new one or old one.
Probably newest one, scan says that I have 20211025_113801. I suppose it scanned my PC with this update. I updated it manually, and it is showing me these 41 detections again.

Anyways, I am attaching the file. Is this real or false positive?
I suppose false positive, just want to make sure. Never seen so many detections before. I have not deleted them yet.

I am scanning my PC with roguekiller, avast, eset online scanner (the one with one time use), mbar and malwarebytes. So far, it seems like only Roguekiller detected this.

What is going on please?

I'm also seeing this on multiple PCs. Version and 15.1.1.
Signature database 20211025_113801.


Do you also have 41 detections?
And are all related to microsoft edge (with few mentions of Skype and one folder Microsoft? )

Can you perhaps have a look at my uploaded file (report from roguekiller scan) and see whether out detections match?

My detections have varied from system to system.

Oh, I see. And are they related to Microsoft Edge?
And is it similiar big amount of detections like mine?
Like 20-50?


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