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Rogue Killer Crashes With "Interger Division by Zero"


Hi - I've been trying to run Rogue Killer Premium today but it keeps crashing. Or at least it's gone from my screen if I step away from the PC for a couple of minutes. Sometimes I get an error message which reads, "Integer Division by Zero" which I have to click 'Ok' at least 6 times before the error is cleared. Anybody have any ideas? Is it the program or is something running amok with my desktop?

HP Desktop running Windows 10 Home 64 bit.

Hi srcstcbstrd,

Thanks for supporting our product and welcome to Forum.
Were you given the choice to submit a crash dump when you restarted RogueKiller after it crashed ? If so, did you submit it ?


Hey Curson - I did submit the crash report(s).
I may have something infecting my pc. I did a restart and it seemed to work after that. There's been a few other hiccups like no ipv6 connection, slow responses from other programs, etc. Rogue Killer is not picking up anything and I'm trying other scans. Could have been just a fluke or something serious is lurking in the background.

Hi srcstcbstrd,

We need to retrieve more information about the cause of this error.
First, please update RogueKiller to latest version (V13.3.2 at this time).

Then, please follow the following process :
[*]Download Process Explorer (x64) and save it to your desktop.
[*]Start a new scan with RogueKiller and wait for the error message box to appear. Do not close it.
[*]Click on the setup file (procexp64.exe) and select Run as Administrator to start the tool.
[*]Locate the process named RogueKiller64.exe, do a right click on it and select Create Dump > Create Full Dump...
[*]Save the dump on your desktop and compress it.
[*]Upload it to Dropbox, Google Drive or similar services and share the link in your next reply.


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