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If you have a problem of RogueKiller crashing, please do the following:


Note on July, 30th 2015:
Just to let you know (I'll update the main post as well) that every BSOD issue will not be fixed now, for a very good reason:
We are in the process of redoing the driver from scratch for better performance and stability.

The driver is the thing that would cause 99% of the BSOD you encounter with (and caused by) RogueKiller, so hopefully once the new version of the driver is out the problem will be gone. Please be patient.

As a workaround you can switch driver off with -nodriver command line, or for Premium users by unchecking the Kernel driver in settings.


1. BSoD (Blue Screen), this is a driver crash:

* Go to C:/windows/minidumps
* Find the latests dump file, and upload it here (zipped please)
2. Application crash:

* Restart the application
* If it asks for sending crash information, please upload them. If not, follow 2.1
* That's all you need to do
2.1 Application crash, manual dump:

* Download ProcDump:
* Follow the option A. of this tutorial:
* The command line to execute is "procdump -e -w -ma RogueKiller.exe"
* When the application crashes, it will generate a dump.
* Zip it, upload it on
3. Application is blocked/hangs on something:

* Download Process Hacker or Process Explorer, and install it. Start it.
* Restart RogueKiller
* When it hangs, make a full dump of the process with Process Hacker/Explorer with a right click.
* Zip it, upload it on

BSOD with the latest version of Roguekiller. Previous version work fine.

After the pre-scan, the scan hangs at 62%. It will hang there indefinitely. Here is the dropbox link.

Thanks, dumps will be analyzed.

@HolidayRobin, could you tell me which version you used? The old GUI or the new one?
Looks like the file has been changed when you downloaded it. Can you upload the file RogueKiller (2).exe to Virus Total and give the link?


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