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--- Quote from: Curson on April 17, 2018, 10:13:00 pm ---Hi Miklo,

Welcome to Forum and thanks for your extented feedback.
There was indeed an odd injection into svchost.exe. The method you used to get rid of it is quite convulsed but thanks to your detailed explanations, I'm sure it can benefict some users.

Using the dumps you gave us, we will be able to analyse the injection in depth.
Also, thanks for the kind words, this is appreciated.


--- End quote ---

Thank you so much. I really thought you guys were busy. As a forum owner i know how it goes. I had plans on doing a full Tutorial. But I know that it can be confusing. So I litterally had to edit this topic a 50 times lol :D.

I am pleased to know that you checked the files I had included. But yeh, Finally its gone. I will definitely be back and maybe post some Tutorials. Once again thank you for the kind welcome.

As a Part time Software Developer, and forum Owner I know how hard it is to keep up with the Forum and the Software Updates. I litterally Stopped Updating my old Programs.

I hope I can participate some more in the forums. Again a huge thanks!

Hi Miklo,

You are very welcome.
Thanks for your dedication on the tutorial.

I hope you will enjoy your stay on Adlice forum.

Thank you very much Curson. Also keep up the awesome support! I know moderating forums is not an easy task. I am currently moderating and administrating arround 5-6 forums online, besides my own forum. So cheers on your work!

Hi Miklo,

You are very welcome again.


Hmm, this is informative


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