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how to remove a proxy that installed itself


I have a windows 10 pro computer that when I try to install logmein says a proxy server is installed and fails.
Kaspersky also complains that the certificate for office 365 is not valid.
I have tried to troubleshoot this with Kaspersky who were no help and tried to just accept all certificates.
I have signed up for a TrendMicro trial and it finds nothing.
I have purchased a RogueKiller tech license and it finds nothing.
I have never used a proxy server and so I am not familiar with how to remove one.
Especially with windows 10.
I have read a number of posts on the web, but no clear direction and many with no answers.
Any help would be appreciated very much.
Thank you, cyberson

This is the blog that led me here.
My case is not exactly the same but I followed the steps I could with no resolution.

Hi cyberson,

Welcome to Forum.
Could you please attach RogueKiller full report with your next reply ?



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