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RogueKiller PREMIUM / 2nd. Post - unable to activate
« on: October 02, 2018, 04:14:47 am »
Tried everything. Followed the instruction from the link how to activate. Received response of " Error, you are already activated. But the activated software is expired and was given a downloaded FREE version. This is for Rogue Killer premium that is upgraded and paid for on September 27, 2018. What gives? Has only been using Rogue Killer since 2015.

My rogue killer is about to expire, so I bought/paid an upgraded version of Rogue Killer premium on 9/27/18, order # 15030. I uninstalled the old version,  followed the instructions for download/activation. I noticed that I was given the same license key. I received a free version. Tried to activate, but when I used the license key, I was told zero activation left. Tried to reinstall, the same free version obtained. Tried to get a new license key, I was given the same old license. I already paid for this upgrade for 2 years supposedly. What can I do?

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