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Title: ==> Known issues and How to fix them <==
Post by: Curson on July 16, 2021, 11:08:55 am

This topic concerns known issues of RogueKiller.
So please look at this issues before asking regarding a new bug.

Here is the list of somme common recurring issue that we have yet to fix and how you can mitigate them on your end.

1. When instaling, the message "Stack overflow" is displayed and the installer becomes irresponsive

2. When starting your computer, your browser open automatically on a "Thank you" page or a "How do you want to open this?" prompt widget may open

3. Your version of RogueKiller Premium don't recognize your license as valid and display the message "Expired: please renew"

If you are facing one of these issues and following the instructions didn't help, please open a support ticket (

Please make sure to include the following information :

Thanks for using our product.