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Hello :)

I'm very pleased to announce that version 10 of RogueKiller is finally in public beta stage! Yay!  8)
After the version 9 which was a major update about the core (with new SDK), the version 10 is only about UI. We basically rebuilt the same program with Qt, but with small changes and UI fixes.

Please, download it, test it, but keep in mind it's still in beta. Though most of the bugs were fixed during the alpha stage, some may remain.
We are waiting for your feedback, tell us what's good, what's wrong, and provide as much information as possible (if you encounter a crash, please provide a full dump).

Please provide feedback on that thread, or if you won't register to the forum, use the contact form.

Download it here (that's a temporary link, don't rely on it):

No more beta links.

Known issues (to be completed):

* Translations not updated
* Binaries not signed

i download the beta and it run under, that's ok ?
First run : Crash (i send the log automatically).
Second run : roguekillerQT found way more things in the antirootkit thing than the version.
Do you want the report ?


Hi Tigzy ,

I had downloaded the RogueKiller V10 and use it. It is bigger than version 9. The version is still in beta right ?

There seems to be a problem when I tried to delete a registry key. 1st time it had error. Then I rescan RogueKiller, the registry key was gone. Maybe got deleted. I hope it is gone and not hidden.

You can refer to this thread for more info:

Hello. After downloading version 10.1.2 and launching it, application did not start, no driver loaded (red light) neither scan started as usual. What's wrong??? greysmouth BO IT.

version 10 is in production, no more beta.

greysmouth, yeah there's a problem, should be fixed within a minute.


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