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Malware repository framework help?

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So i made a centos 7 server, installed mysql, php and apache on it and downloaded this:

I followed the instructions and the setup went fine, however when i try to upload a file, it wont work, here you can see a gif of it:

as you can see, nothing shows up, what do i do?

I went to google and it put me up with this:

i made these changes to my php.ini however its still not working:

--- Code: ---upload_max_filesize 9G
post_max_size 9G
max_execution_time 200
max_input_time 200
memory_limit 256M
--- End code ---

Hi PolyBot,

This can be many things.
Malware repository framework V3 is now online and should be way easier to setup. I advice you to give it a try.


The new mrf 3.1 works very well.

Is there any copyright on this? may i release it on my site with active samples?

There's no EULA made yet, but consider it free to use anywhere.  8)


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