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I read on your main page that I can submit a Rogue Killer report so that someone might examine it and recommend what actions I might take.  I have not used RogueKiller to delete any items yet.  Where do I upload the report to?  Thanks  Jami Francis, CA, USA

Hi guys and gals ;)

My name is mikkimonkki  ;D
I live in England U.K.
I hardly know anything about puters, apart from what I have learned on line in the past 9 -10 yrs.
I have heard very good reports of "Rogue Killer" and from watching YouTube videos where they have recommended it!
I am disabled and I am seated at my puter 18 hours a day, approx; from where i travel all over the World from my seat  Lol
As you may appreciate if my puter is out of action through malware, i can suffer quite alot!
Thank you very much for letting me to become a very small cog in a well oiled machine!
mikkimonkki :)

Hi I run a small business and use and old dos erp program on a novell server and have issues every once in a while.  I can't seem to fix the lastest problem that is on just one of 3 work stations.  I have run Rogue Killer and want to post the report.  Do I post it here?

Thank you for your help.


Moi c'est lili sur FEI,sosvirus et surtout CCM

Vient de Lyon

Je suis retraité de l'informatique ( Mainframe, Micro )

Je désinfecte sur divers forums


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