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I am trying to instal the Jan22 update.  Nothing seems to happen.

Hi sladen,

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I think you are mixing up RogueKiller with another software. Latest version was released 20 January.



--- Quote from: sladen on January 21, 2022, 06:16:47 pm ---I am trying to instal the Jan22 update.  Nothing seems to happen.

--- End quote ---

I have tried several times to download the 20Jan22 update. on 22nd  Nothing seems to happen.  It doesn't appear in the Downloads folder (windows 10, fully updated).

However doing something else on the computer today, I found a new folder in a folder for my personal files (as opposed to that the charity I am involved with) entitled "Adlice downloading".  I opened that folder but did not find an .exe file so assumed I had interrupted the download - so deleted what had been downloaded),

Tried to download several times today.  I cannot find if a download has occurred or where it might have been saved.

Please provide guidance.  What about the name of the .exe file, so that I can use File Explorer.

Thank you



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I also merged your two threads into this one.

You can download RogueKille latest version using the following link:

The file name will be setup.exe and will be either located on your Desktop or your Downloads folder.



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