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Gaurav Sahare:
I am using RogueKiller Free v12.12.13.0 in Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. As compare to other antivirus and anti-malware software, all customization are blocked by default unless to purchase license. I can understand because of business but some customization should provide in free version for manual control, at least scan customization. But Roguekiller can not perform many thinks such as specific file scan, other internal drive(disk) and removable disk(USB drive) scan, real-time protection, malicious URL blocking, so my question is what is the guarantee of better malware detection and removal? I am not saying that I want all thinks absolutely free, but some thinks should provide for customization in free version.

Hi Gaurav,

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RogueKiller was originally designed to be a remediation tool against deep rooted infections. Since that time, RogueKiller has improved and is now capable of detecting and removing a large number of threads. Scan customization and enterprise-oriented features were also added.

Maintaining and improving such a tool is time consuming and cost money (developement, support, etc.). RogueKiller Premium was introduced to cover those costs.
We wanted to keep the malware detection and removal features free so we choosed the power-users options to be part of RogueKiller Premium only.

That being said, the software is in active development and some changes are expected in futur releases.
Which options would you like to see in the Free version ?


Are you guys still actively developing the tool, Curson? Can we expect more features in the future?

Hi IsaacRil,

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Yes, RogueKiller is still under active development.
In fact, a major release should be released next week.



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