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Infekcja w menu start

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Witam mam infekcje w menu start wg, RogueKiller
Link do RogueKiller  Debug

Hey  :)
Could you speak English please?

Po angielsku nie   po Polsku mówię ,ale  przeglądarka chrome przetłumaczy :)

Google translate helped me a bit, but well not really easy to understand.
If you don't speak english, could you please use Google translate and paste the result here instead of writing Polish?
That makes things a lot easier. :)

What is your problem? By looking at the log, it looks like RogueKiller is getting stuck on deletion?
How long have you waited there?

I have this problem with RogueKiller shows infections in the start menu or hijack pum. Program deletes the keys but after restarting the keys to rebuilding


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