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April 01, 2014, 07:29:17 am


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Brand New User
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Running XP Pro SP3, all up to date. This weekend I ran Spybot S&D (couple of minor annoyances found & cleared such as doubleclick), then Malwarebytes (found nothing) and finally Microsoft Security Essentials (found nothing), all as complete scans, & all as part of normal routine checks. All had been updated immediately prior to running. Computer running okay.

Monday morning started system, desktop completely empty except for MyComputer and old Mozbackup. Desktop folder also shows empty. Had MANY important files there. 2 programs greyed-out in Quickstart. Managed to reactivate one. Also "Search" not working, ditto for System Restore (but this last one had already been acting up, even in Safe Mode). Downloaded and ran TDSSKiller, shows nothing. Likewise for RKill. MSES also turned off when I started today, but turned it on as soon as I noticed.

Did some reading online, but not much help. Updated Malwarebytes and ran again. found and quarantined 3 items. Search now functioning again. Using Search, managed to find files that should have been on Desktop, though they are still not displaying. I know that there must be something on my machine still causing problems. Came across reference to RogueKiller on BleepingComputer, so I downloaded it and ran it.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to interpret the results and take proper action. The download page suggested I could post the report and get some assistance, so I've attached it. Hope this isn't the wrong place for this post.

Would anybody care to help? It's after midnight here in Chicago, so I'll be heading for bed soon, but will leave machine on ready to take suggested action in the morning.