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RogueKiller / I was dumb - got a virus
« on: July 29, 2020, 11:22:11 pm »
Last week I downloaded a program and ran it. It turned out to be a set of viruses. I went to MajorGeeks, downloaded RogueKiller et al, and RogueKiller found everything and got rid of it. I then rebooted and ran RogueKiller a second time. It found the virus again and killed them. Repeat a couple more times. So then I looked at MSCONFIG - nothing there. Then I used FileLocator and found one of the virus programs had a link (ScrSnap.lnk). I removed the files and folders in the temp/ directory. Rebooted. Ran RK. Found and removed viruses again. So, on a hunch, I ran MiniTools and found a 16MB partition on my hard drive. I ran DiskManager and - it did not see it. I tried to look at the partition but could not get to it. It was hidden and locked. So then I used MiniTool to reformat it and delete it. Currently I am running RK again to see if now the viruses show up. My main reason for posting is that this is the first time I have seen a virus create its own partition and just wanted you to know about this. If the viruses show up again I'll post about it.

RogueKiller / White Screen of death
« on: October 04, 2016, 04:11:09 pm »
I have tried running RogueKiller twice now and both times RogueKiller gives me the white screen of death. What I mean by that is that RogueKiller makes it all the way through to where it is showing the list of PUPs et al and then it just hangs. If I bring up Firefox to report it and go back to look at it, all I can then see is a dialog box but it just has a white background. I am going to try rebooting the computer and running in Safe Mode to see if that allows RK to continue. I'll report back on that.

I'm running:

Windows XP Pro x32
4GB of memory
and a lot of programs et al. :-)

Perhaps you should ask people to use one of the programs that shows you everything about their computers? It might be more helpful than me trying to remember everything I have on here. :-)

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