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Novice end-user with a few questions



I recently picked up a new laptop running windows 8.1 64bit and havn't plugged it in to the internet yet and wanted to see if I could get a  couple suggestions or comments on my choice(s) of trying to keep it as secure and critter free as possible.

I just grabbed the most recent version of RogueKiller for future use and add to my toolkit, and when I decide to plug my new laptop in to the internet and get the os and driver updates I'm thinking of going with commodo internet security and their web browser for general web browsing and firewall/virus protection, Malwarebytes for additional secondary checks and recently came accross a utility from Microsoft that looks interesting called EMET

Any suggestions/recommendations for additional utilities to add to my toolkit or additional protection(s) ?

Thanks for any replies and to the RogueKiller developers for the tool.

Heya, welcome on the forum! :)

We usually only recommend free protection:
- Avast (Free)
- Malwarebytes (Free)

If you are concerned about AV performance, please look at some comparatives:

 Well some say the best things in life are free  8)

Thanks for the links, and just in case you might be interested EMET is a freebie  ;)

I hope I'm not posting this in the wrong place but while I'm here I thought I might mention that I ran your roguekiller on one of my old laptops and it performed pretty well however when trying a few of your other tools  I'm getting errors on launch "the application failed to initialize properly 0xc0000135"

Any suggestions ? These errors are happening with TaskTrun, MD5Look, DiffView and LogAnalyzer

I'm using a beatup(daily) windows xp sp2 866mhz 256ram machine for testing.

I think this is because you don't have the .NET 3.5 framework :)

Yes that did it, i forgot i uninstalled it awhile back  ::) Thanks


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