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Detecting Deleted File?

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SystemLook 30.07.11 by jpshortstuff
Log created at 19:20 on 04/05/2021 by AT_ST
Administrator - Elevation successful

========== file ==========

C:\Users\AT_ST\AppData\Local\Temp\System.exe - Unable to find/read file.

-= EOF =-

Hi BaggotMaggot,

Sorry for the delay.
Could you please download Adlice Diag, run a scan, then attach the generated report with your next reply ?


Hi, the website wouldn't let me send the .txt as an attachment because it was too large, so I zipped the .txt into a .7z. I hope you don't mind too much.

I also really appreciate the help!

Hi BaggotMaggot,

I think there is an issue with RogueKiller.
Our office is closed during the week-end, but we will discuss it with our team at the beginning of next week.

Thanks for your understanding.

Alright, thank you.

I should clarify just in case there's a case of any misunderstanding.

After I ran all the previous antiviruses that I mentioned,
I actually ran RogueKiller three times:
The first time I ran it, it detected System.exe, and I did nothing to it because I wanted to figure out where it was from. However, I could not find it's location at all in /temp/.
I ran it a second time, and RogueKiller detected it once again. I then deleted System.exe using RogueKiller.
I ran it one final third time, and this time it didn't detect anything.

After this is when I asked you guys for help.

I sent you logs for the 2nd time where I did infact delete it.

Sorry if there was any misunderstanding.


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