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Hi dimitri33,

You are welcome.

--- Quote from: dimitri33 ---thats mean iam not hacked by someone ?
is there a way to be sure of that?
--- End quote ---
As far as I can tell, your computer is not infected so you are not hacked.

--- Quote from: dimitri33 ---what is the best way to detect if someone spy on me or have acces on my computer?
do you propose any training or formation in this forum or by videos?
--- End quote ---
If you are interested in malware detection and removal, I suggest you to join an UNITE training facility.


Hi -- RK keeps killing my Dropbox.exe, saying it's a Proc.Injected.

Dump file:


Hi bblack,

Welcome to Forum.
This detection is a false positive and will be fixed in RogueKiller next release.


Hi there had myself one of those as well. It comes up every time I open the windows 10 weather app. Must be somewhat new as it certainly didn't happen when it still was warm.
Here is the required dump file
Is that something I should be worried about ?
Thanks a lot in advance

Hi coldi,

Could you please post a report displaying the injection ?



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