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Hello There!

I wish to share a Couple of experiences where the Scans & the subsequent Remedy(Corrective Action) by RogueKiller led to a Coercive enabling of "System Notifications" on my Win 8 Desktop PC. When I checked the settings under the respective section within Control Panel, I found out that --"System Notifications" had been set to "Always"! As a consequence, every attempt to access any Application on my PC were invoking --Permission prompts, which for Obvious reasons were too annoying!

Now WHY is the RogueKiller's Corrective action leading to an Inadvertent & a Coercive enabling of "System Notifications"? Please explain the Logic? I would never like to be prompted again & again to grant Permission to even the Most Trusted of my installed Software Applications? Why is the RogueKiller tinkering with "System Notifications" with such an unabashed Audacity?

Malware removal help / Please Help with these Weird entries!
« on: May 11, 2016, 09:15:45 am »
Hello Folks!

Please refer to the enclosed URL, & help decipher more on these 'Weird' entries showing up against the 7-Zip file-association Interface. What is this "Winzipper", & where it has come from? Any Ideas? I would like to assure that there exist no such Program such as--"Winzipper" under the Add/Remove Programs on my Win 8,64-Bit Desktop PC. Are the same an Indicator to a presence of some Rogue Software entries on my PC? Nevertheless, Please suggest on how to Dig-Deep & find-if something is fishy out there? Help will be sincerely appreciated. Thank you. URL-

RogueKiller / Update Button showing up as Grayed-Out!
« on: May 11, 2016, 08:56:29 am »
Hello Folks!

Please refer to the enclosed URL, & help sort-out the Trouble with the "Update" Button visible under RogueKiller's GUI. Even the "Contact Us" & various "Social-Media" Hyperlinks are also not able to Invoke the Browser window! Therefore, if a Technical-BUG, please help Channelize to the respective Team to seek an immediate cognizance. Thank you.

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